Fast Food Delivery Insurance

Delivering food can be a good part time job. The work can be well paid, particularly for those who work hard, but there are costs involved. For a start you need to get a good fast food insurance policy which is an extra expense, but you also really need reliable vehicle.

There are those who deliver food using a push bike but earnings are not great when you can't get to your calls quickly; complaints can arise if the food is delivered cold; and not least of all, far too many delivery drivers have their bikes stolen, and some of them are not cheap! Unfortunately securing a car or even a scooter is a lot easier than a bike, unless there is a lampost handy and you have a good strong lock and chain.

A scooter is often the favourite mode of transport; it is more stable than a moped and will carry a heavier load, plus it costs far less to run than a car. You have to consider your own personal safety though; an accident in which the wing of a car is bent a bit could mean serious injuries for the rider if the vehicle was a scooter instead.

There can be other expenses too. You may be expected to provide your own insulated bag; you would need at least two if one gets dirty, or wet. You are expected to dress smartly too; if your employer pays for a uniform that's great, but most don't. And don't forget the wear and tear on your vehicle - you may get a petrol allowance but you could clock up an awful lot of miles running around at night.

All in all, then, a part time job delivering food can make a reasonable income provided that you are ready for periods of hectic work, but other periods of sitting at home waiting for youre app to ping with news of a new delivery. A lot of students do this kind of work to help with the expenses of getting through university - and the way that the fast food companies are expending means that you may find yourself getting into a far better job with the same company later. We all have to start somewhere!